The Gypsy Lore Society, an international association of persons interested in Gypsy and Traveler Studies, was founded in Great Britain in 1888. Since 1989 it has been headquartered in the United States. Its goals include promotion of the study of Gypsy, Traveler, and analogous peripatetic cultures worldwide; dissemination of accurate information aimed at increasing understanding of these cultures in their diverse forms; and establishment of closer contacts among scholars studying any aspects of these cultures.

These Gypsy and Traveler cultures include those traditionally known, or referring to themselves as Rom, Romanichels, Cale, Sinti, Ludar, Romungre, Irish Travelers, Scottish Travelers and many others. The Society sponsors programs and conferences and publishes the twice-yearly Romani Studies (continuing Journal of the Gypsy Lore Society), a quarterly Newsletter and other occasional publications. The Society has also established the Victor Weybright Archives of Gypsy Studies, specializing in recent scholarly work on Gypsy, Traveler and related studies, for the benefit of researchers and students.

The Latest News

  • Bus Information and Schedules Posted Information for travel to and from the university, reception, banquet, and excursion has been posted on the Annual Meeting website. You will learn where to catch the bus from your hotel or other accommodation, and the schedules for the individual trips.
    Posted Aug 10, 2017, 11:25 AM by Sheila Salo
  • Final Conference Program Posted The final 2017 conference program has been posted on the Annual Meeting page. Find the program and abstracts in several formats.
    Posted Jul 17, 2017, 11:41 AM by Sheila Salo
  • Updated Conference Program Posted An update of the 2017 conference program has been posted on the Annual Meeting page. Find the program and abstracts in several formats. The final revision will be posted July 15.
    Posted Jun 14, 2017, 1:20 PM by Sheila Salo
  • 2017 Conference Program Posted The program schedule for the 2017 Gypsy Lore Society Annual Meeting and Conference on Gypsy / Romani Studies has been posted on the Gypsy Lore Society website, Links to the program in several formats are also provided. From the home page, click on Annual Meeting to view the program.
    Posted May 22, 2017, 9:26 AM by Sheila Salo
  • Two Win Gypsy Lore Society Young Scholars’ Prize in Romani Studies for 2016 The screening committee of the Gypsy Lore Society Young Scholar’s Prize in Romani Studies has announced two winners of the prize for 2016. The winners are Aleksandar Marinov for the paper "Belonging and space-making: Bulgarian Roma in migration" and Tamás Hajnáczky for "The single party state’s Gypsy policy. From sectoral Gypsy policy to a critique of the Gypsy policy of forced assimilation".Aleksandar G. Marinov holds a PhD in Geography from Swansea University (2016). He is currently a research assistant at the Romani Cultural and Arts Company (Cardiff, Wales) and his interests revolve around the fields of Romani Studies, mobilities and contemporary Romani migrations.Tamás Hajnáczky is a Gypsy affairs officer of the Károli Gáspár University of ...
    Posted Feb 21, 2017, 6:52 AM by Sheila Salo
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