Newsletter Contributors' Information

Contributing to the Newsletter

The quarterly Newsletter of the Gypsy Lore Society published news of current research, recent publications and events pertinent to Gypsy Studies.

Contributions are always welcome. The newsletter is published in February, May, August and November. The deadlines for newsletter copy are December 1 (for the February issue), March 1, June 1, and September 1.

Recent Publications

The Recent Publications column lists books, articles and theses in Gypsy Studies. Priority is given to scholarly works. The Recent Publications column brings these materials to the notice of those with the most active interest in the subject. Authors and publishers are invited to send announcements and copies of recent publications for listing in the column. Books, articles and publications announcements should be sent to the column editor: Carmen Hendershott, Raymond Fogelman Library, The New School, 65 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10003, U.S.A..

Scholarly Conferences

The newsletter publishes calls for papers and announcements of coming meetings dealing primarily or in part with Gypsy Studies. These materials should be sent to the newsletter editor: Margaret Greenfields, as much in advance of the meeting as possible, keeping in mind the publications schedule of the newsletter.

Current Research

Let the newsletter know about your current research in any scholarly discipline dealing with the languages, cultures or histories of Gypsy or Traveler groups. Send a brief description of your research to the newsletter editor: Margaret Greenfields.


Seeking information on some aspect of Gypsy or Traveler languages, histories or cultures? Send your brief inquiries to the newsletter editor: Margaret Greenfields.

We prefer not to publish inquiries about individuals' family histories. Inquiries about family history in England would be better directed to the Romany and Traveler Family History Society: Inquiries about family history in the United States may be directed to Inquiries, which will forward them to private researchers.


Information about exhibitions, concerts, lectures and similar events should be sent to the newsletter editor: Margaret Greenfields, well in advance of the event, keeping in mind the publication schedule of the newsletter.

News of Specialized Organizations

The newsletter publishes news of the activities of other organizations dealing with Gypsy or Traveler groups. Representatives of those organizations should sent news of their activities to the newsletter editor, Margaret Greenfields. Please include full contact information.