Update for Conference Participants

Museum of Romani Culture Trip

If you haven´t filled the spreadsheet about online or in-person participation yet, please do so in the next few days. In the spreadsheet, also add your y/n for joining a trip to Brno to the Museum of Romani Culture (https://www.rommuz.cz/en/) and Vila Tugendhat, a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site (https://www.tugendhat.eu/en/homepage.html). The Museum of Romani Culture is the co-organizer of this event. The trip is planned as a one-day event, starting on Saturday morning in Prague with an end in Prague in the early evening of the same day.


Hybrid vs. Online-Only Format

We will make the final decision about the hybrid / only online form of the conference by the 20th of August. At the moment, we prepare everything for the hybrid form, which will enable both online and in-person participation; after this date, we will also send more information on the planned trip to Brno (cost for lunch and transport) to all those who would like to join this post-conference event.

Preparation of Papers

Please prepare your papers precisely for 20 minutes of presentation. Please note that the hybrid form of the conference will be more demanding timewise, especially because of the need to coordinate the discussion between the online and on-the-spot participants. We will present some simple rules for the management of the discussions before the conference starts.

After some discussion we decided to cancel our previous plan to gather your presentations before the conference. There remains the possibility to use pre-recorded presentations for those who will participate online, but we leave it at your decision in what form you decide to present. Presentations by online participants will be presented (or played in case of prerecorded presentations) by the participants themselves (and not by organizers).

Online Gateway

In the next week or two, we will launch the website of the conference, which will also serve as a gate to the online participation (codes for the individual room will be accessible only with a conference password).

Recording of Sessions

Based on the demand by a growing number of participants, we would like to record the individual sessions (and make the video available to the conference participants via the web page. The video will also be accessible only with a conference password). Please let us know in case you disagree with the recording.


We have pre-booked affordable accommodation in a Charles University compound located directly on the way from the Prague airport to the city center and has a direct public transport connection to the conference venue (at about 25 minutes distance). Click here for details.