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Recent Publications in Gypsy Studies Available on the Web

Assessing Local Housing Authorities' Progress in Meeting the Accommodation Needs of Gypsy and Traveller Communities in England. Philip Brown and Pat Niner. Equality and Human Rights Research Report Series, 13, 2009. 105 pp.

Anthropological fieldwork, site and Roma communities: Roma/Gypsies in the Czech and Slovak Republic. Lenka Budilová and Marek Jakoubek. Anthropological Notebooks (Slovenia) 15 (2): 5–14, 2009.

Bibliografický přehled překladové (odborné) ciganologické literatury vydané v ČR a SR po roce 1989/ Bibliographical Overview of the Translated (Specialized) Gypsiological Literature Published in the Czech/Slovak Republic after 1989. Marek Jakoubek. AntropoWEBZIN 2-3, pp. 45-57, 2008.

Inequalities Experienced by Gypsy and Traveller Communities: a Review. Sarah Cemlyn, Margaret Greenfields, Sally Burnett, Zoe Matthews and Chris Whitwell. Equality and Human Rights Commission Research Report Series, 12, 2009. 361 pp.

Der nationalsozialistische Völkermord an den Roma in der besetzten Sowjetunion (1941–1944). Martin Holler. Dokumentations- und Kulturzentrum Deutscher Sinti und Roma, 2009. 75 pp.

Engagement for Informed Anthropological Knowledge On Gypsies. Alenka Janko Spreizer. Antropologija 9 (2009): 55-72.

Multi-disciplinary Approaches to Romany Studies: Selected Papers from Participants of Central European University’s Summer Courses, 2007-2009. Michael Stewart and Márton Rövid, eds. Central European University, 2010. 308 pp.

Romy/Zygany v problemnomu poli likalnoji istorii (metodologichnyj aspect)/ Roma/Gypsies in the problematic field of the local history (methodological approaches). Natalia Zinevych. Naukovi zapysky T.19-II-2.)/ National Academy of sciences of Ukraine. M. Hrishevsky Institute of Ukrainian Archeography and Source Studies, Kyiv 2009. Pp. 577-592.

Una aproximación a la paz imperfecta: La Kriss Rromani y la practica intercultural del pueblo Rrom – gitano – de Colombia. Experiencias en la manera de hacer las paces. Patricia Romero Sánchez. Derecho y Cambio Social (Las Molinas, Peru) 6 (18) (2009).

Tsiganologische Mitteilungen (University of Leipzig).

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