Papers from the Meetings

The American Kalderaš: Gypsies in the New World

Preface and Acknowledgements, Matt T. Salo. The Care and Feeding of an Anthropologist, Rena C. Gropper. Symbolism, Symbiosis and Survival: Roles of Young Women of the Kalderaš, Ruth E. Andersen. Gypsy Taskmasters, Gentile Slaves, David Nemeth. Education and the Kalderaš, John Kearney. Pollution and Power: Gypsy Women in America, Carol Silverman. Kalderaš Economic Organization, Matt T. Salo. Community in Defiance of the Proscenium, Roland Pippin.


Introduction to Non-Gvpsy Travelers, George Gmelch. The Social Construction of Ethnic Identity of Commercial Nomadic Groups, T. A. Acton. “The Wanderer's Gain is the Citizen’s Loss”: Scholars, Barbers and a Traditional Chinese Attitude about Travelling as a Temporary Condition, David Nemeth. Recollections of Photographing the Irish Travellers, Mathias Oppersdorff. Photographing Travellers, Andrew Yale. Introduction: Session on Linguistics,

Joanne Grumet. Problems In the Codification of a Standard Romani Literary Language, Victor A. Friedman. Aspects of Language Acquisition by Hungarian Gypsy Children, Jean Berko Gleason and Zita Réger. On the Genitive in Romani, Joanne Grumet. Balkan Gypsies: Introduction, William G. Lockwood. The Romanian Gypsy Problem, Sam Beck. Dance Change in Context of the Gypsy St. George's Day, Skopje, Yugoslavia, 1967-1977, Elsie Ivancich Dunin.

Introduction to Gypsy Interethnic Relations, Matt T. Salo."The Duende Roams Freely This Night": An Analysis of an Interethnic Event in Granada, Spain, Bertha B. Quintana. Explaining Gypsy Persistence: A Comparison of the Reactive Ethnicity and the Ecological Competition Perspectives, Beverly Nagel Lauwagie. Introduction to Dance Panel, Elsie Ivancich Dunin. Bulerias: Form and Context of a Gitano Music-Dance Genre, Anita Volland. "Kolo" among Gypsies in North America and Yugoslavia, Elsie Ivancich Dunin. Introduction to Sociolinguistics: Problems in Gypsyology, Jirí Lípa. Lexical Reorientation in a Greek Romani Dialect, Gordon M. Messing. Romani as Symbol: Sociolinguistic Strategies of the Gypsies of Thessaloniki, Diane Tong. Romani Speech Domains in Spain and Portugal, Merrill F. McLane. Puchmajer's Blind Spot, Jirí Lípa. Gypsies of Greece: Photographs, Diane Tong.


Gypsy Religion, John Megel. "To Preserve What Might Otherwise Perish": The JGLS, Gypsy Studies, and a New Challenge, David Nemeth. You Will See Results Friday: A Performance Model of the "Fortune-Telling" Event, Thomas E. Graves. The Ohio Stanleys: An American Romnichel Family, Harry Bryer. Is There a Place for the Gypsy People? Teresa San Roman. Romani Declension, Jirí Lípa. The Present Situation of Spanish Gitanos, Kirsten Wang. Whither Gypsy Studies? Rena C. Gropper. Gypsy Immigration to the United States, Matt T. Salo and Sheila Salo. Gypsy Women, Gypsy Men: Cultural Paradoxes and Economic Resources, Anne Sutherland. The Gypsy Motif, David Nemeth. Narrative Structure in the Rom Sloveni Oral Tradition, Jane Dick Zatta. The Gospel According to St. Luke: A Preliminary Analysis of the Same Text in Three Romani Dialects, F. D. Mulcahy and Anita Volland. Word Order in Kalderash, Joanne Sher Grumet. Scholars, Gypsies and the Holocaust, Gabrielle Tyrnauer. A Sinto Survivor Speaks, Hans Braun. The Gypsy Holocaust in Poland, Bogumila Michalewicz. The Planning of the U.S. Holocaust Museum, Micah H. Naftalin. The Holocaust and the American Rom, John Megel. Photographs by Esteban Cobas, Carlo Innocenti, William Lockwood, Jean Mattson, Merrill McLane, Mathias Oppersdorff, Lyn Smith, Diane Tong.


Romani of a Third Place: A Statistical Analysis of Nineteenth-Century Caló and Castilian, Henry G. Dietz and F. David Mulcahy. A Caucasian Loanword in Romani, Victor A. Friedman. Archaisms in Romani, Eric P. Hamp. “Stolen By Gypsies”: The Kidnap Accusation in the United States, Sheila Salo. Topographic Maps as an Aid to Reconstructing Gypsy History, Merrill F. McLane. Seven Years in Prison far a Palm-Reading Scheme: Gypsies in the News, Thomas E. Graves. The Social Impact of the Rise of Pentecostal Evangelicalism Among American Rom, Ellen B. L. Sato. Girls Go Home: The Changing Status of the Machwanka Daughter-in-Law, Carol Miller. Serbian Gitanos in Chile: Immigration Data, Elsie Dunin. Drums, Pubs and Wheelwrights: Motif Sources for the Painted Carts and Wagons of English Gypsies and Travellers, David Smith. Health Care of American Gypsies, James D. Thomas. Prester John and the Gypsies, David J. Nemeth. Photographs by Merrill McLane, William G. Lockwood, Carlos de Wendler-Funaro.