Ethnic Identities in Dynamic Perspective

Proceedings of the 2002 Annual Meeting

Ethnic Identities in Dynamic Perspective: Proceedings of the 2002 Annual Meeting of the Gypsy Lore Society. Published by Gondolat Publishers and the Ethnic and National Minority Studies Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, the volume is edited by Sheila Salo and Csaba Prónai.

ISBN 963-9500-99-2.

Contents: "The Internment of Gypsies in France (1940-1946): A Hidden Memory," Emmanuel Filhol; "The Here and the Beyond in the Manouche Worldview," Jean-Luc Poueyto; "Ties and Frontiers, Journeys and Neighborhoods, Alliances and Contests," Patrick Williams; "Marriage Patterns of Gitanos or Calé, the Spanish Gypsies," Juan F. Gamella; "A Note on The Demographic Structure of Spanish Gypsies," Elisa I. Martín; "The Romani Communities in Italy: The Case of Tuscany Region with Special Attention to the City of Florence," Zoran Lapov; "The Present State of Cultural Anthropological Gypsy Studies in Hungary," Csaba Prónai; "Social Status and the Problem of Double Identity of Gypsies in Hungary," Dávid Simon; "Empowerment And Ethnic Relations: a Comparative Study of Hungarian Roma And African Americans in Selected Rural Communities," John A. Strong, István SértÅ-Radics, Zsuzsanna Török, Endre Lengyel, Allyson Mills, and David Flautt; "Permanent Exhibition of the Museum of Romany Culture, Brno, Czech Republic: A Journey from Tradition to the Present," Irena Kasparová and Eva Davidová; "The Uzhhorod National Roma Theater: Performing Gypsy Identity in Ukraine," Adriana Helbig; "Elements and Symbols in the Celebration of Bango Vassili (St. Basil's Day)," Deyan Kolev; "The Structure of Romani Folktales," Hristo Kyuchukov; "Field Notes From Russia and Ukraine," Elena Marushiakova and Vesselin Popov; "Dervish Rituals and Songs Among Muslim Roms in Skopje," Trajko Petrovski; "The Basket Makers of York, Pennsylvania, c. 1840-1930," Sheila Salo and Matt T. Salo; "Romnichels, Roaders and Travelers on the Great Plains," Matt T. Salo; "The Social Life of Roma (Gypsies) in Izmir, Turkey," Suat Kolukirik; "The Professional Skills of Gypsies in Istanbul," Udo Mischek; "The Romani Press in Macedonia: Language and Perspective," Victor A. Friedman; "A Geographical Approach to the Classification of Romani Dialects," Yaron Matras; "Processes of Formation of Roma Identity in East Central Europe," Éva Blénes; "Ethnicity, the Law and Gypsy-Travellers in Scotland: Which Way Now?" Colin Clark; The Making of a Roma Underclass: Comparative Perspectives, Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania," János Ladányi and Iván Szelényi; "The Performance of 'Oriental Music' in Contemporary Romania," Margaret H. Beissinger; "On the Songs of the Oláh Romanies," Eva Davidová; "The 'Superterritorialization' of Rumba Catalane and Manouche Swing," Katherine J. Hagedorn; "Adrian, Taraf, and the Political Reception of Gypsy Music in Bucharest," David Malvinni.